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Re: Joyce! On the international literary feast day of Bloomsday 2010, we launched a podcast to commemorate James Joyce's mighty novel, "Ulysses", the action of which took place in 18 hours of June 16, 1904. Every week you'll find a five-minute mini-essay from me designed to take you through the novel that's on every list of the greatest books ever written. And as Ulysses runs to some 375,000 words, and I mean to go through it sentence by sentence if I have to, in order to convey the full brilliance of this novel - and the enjoyment to be had from it - I'll be podcasting for some time to come! It's such an absorbing book, it's got diamond mines of references, it's so compassionate, so tender, so moving, so funny - and most of us never know that, because most of us have long been daunted by it. No need to be afraid any more - that is, if you make a habit of listening to these podcasts.

Mr. Bloom considers the further uses of cattle.

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re: Joyce 258, Kellys & Cattle

Mr. Bloom reflects on old songs and unfortunate hospital names.

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re: Joyce 257, Fast Cars & Hairy Ears

Mr. Bloom recalls a coroner and funeral hurries on.

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Mr. Bloom’s fellow-travelers make a gaffe - or is it deliberate?

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