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Re: Joyce! On the international literary feast day of Bloomsday 2010, we launched a podcast to commemorate James Joyce's mighty novel, "Ulysses", the action of which took place in 18 hours of June 16, 1904. Every week you'll find a five-minute mini-essay from me designed to take you through the novel that's on every list of the greatest books ever written. And as Ulysses runs to some 375,000 words, and I mean to go through it sentence by sentence if I have to, in order to convey the full brilliance of this novel - and the enjoyment to be had from it - I'll be podcasting for some time to come! It's such an absorbing book, it's got diamond mines of references, it's so compassionate, so tender, so moving, so funny - and most of us never know that, because most of us have long been daunted by it. No need to be afraid any more - that is, if you make a habit of listening to these podcasts.

Just over halfway through Chapter 3, Proteus, we continue last week's passage. Sir Lout the gigant, and a live dog.

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Stephen ascends from the tide, in both thought and motion, but finds only weeds, rocks, and rats. Louis Veuillot on Gautier, and an Arabian tale of sand and stone that may or may not be off-topic.

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Stephen doesn't want to spend another night at Martello tower; luckily, his soul walks with him. Elsinore.

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A return from Paris to Sandymount Strand, and the Kish lightship. Depressions in sand and soul, and time passing.

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Paris still remembered on the Strand. Kevin Egan used to be a fine figure of a boy. Old bombs, old exiles, and old songs - and we're done with kevin Egan.

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